About MMDVM_HS hotspot

Why have this unit?
Unlike any other device this is "hand made".  Skilled individuals custom make to your requirements with quality standard as a priority.

mmdvmhshat.ga ::

Product and Price Comparison :

Product and Price comparison (not disparage) DVMega €90 - Zumspot Pi $100 (€85.30) - MMDVM_HS_Hat €60 - What do you recommend ?
 ** Every device is well built.

13% - Zumspot Pi
67% - MMDVM_HS_Hat
09% - DVMega
11% - Other

46 votes•3 days left
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I felt so stupid because I did not understand the differences, configurations and setup,  so because I was an early adopter to this product I could not find a lot available to read.

** this website is for my own learning and sharing.
Link here ::    mmdvmhshat.ga  -   http://mmdvmhshat.ga

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mmdvmhshat.ga @ Github

Disscussion Groups : https://groups.io/g/mmdvm-hs-hat


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Please contact the owners : Support, Question, Ordering !!!
If you are interested in buying the original please contact the owners via mail: mmdvm@df2et.de

Created by :

- Flo   Flo (DF2ET) @flo_0_
- Mathis Schmieder DB9MAT   Mathis Schmieder @DB9MAT
How to Identify a Genuine MMDVM HS Hat by florian Wolters.