Enable setup NXDN reflector on MMDVM

F1MIJ PASCAL (@ f1mij) tweeted at 9:18 PM on Tue, Feb 13, 2018:

For the NXDN reflector, you must update your MMDVM.ini to include:

F1MIJ PASCAL (@ f1mij) tweeted at 11:25 PM on Wed, Feb 14, 2018:

IMPORTANT: Do not forget for your NXDN tests to replace the usual "MMDVM" files with those of the experimental "MMDVM-nxdn" available in the Github Branch of G4KLX:

[NXDN Network]
Enable = 1
LocalPort = 3300
GatewayAddress =
GatewayPort = 41007
Debug = 0

and talk in your radio to the group 65000
Many thanks to Jonathan G4KLX and Flo DF2ET