MMDVM HotSpot hat for RPi type B

MMDVM HotSpot hat for RPi type B

HotSpot units, built by David S51DA and Blas EA7GIB. Thanks to both for valuable feedback and contribution of the photos!

This page is about homebrewing an (almost) easy to build MMDVM HotSpot module for Raspberry Pi - type B.

After successfully finishing three boards of those wonderfull miniature HS hats for Rasbberry Pi-zeroW, designed by Mathis, DB9MAT and Florian, DF2ET , I decided to draw a simmilar, however bigger HS hat board, that would fit a normal sized (type B) Raspberry Pi mini computer. Although a bigger size does barely mean an improvement when discussing HotSpot solutions, there is one big advantge - bigger board allows implementation of bigger and therefore easyer handleable SMD components.

All resistors, capacitors, coils and LEDs used in this project are of the size SMD 0805 or bigger. This should make the assembly of the board much more frendly to a homebuilder who only has access to an average equiped amateur workshop. Furthermore the pads of SMD components are also dimensioned in somehow excessive size to allow more comfortable hand soldering even by a not so experienced builder.

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MMDVM HotSpot for RPi - type B